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How to Download Twitter Video

With our Twitter Downloader, it is both safer and easier to download Twitter videos for free. In this article we will go through some really easy steps for downloading Twitter videos to your iPhone, Android Device or your computer.

Without further a do, let's start.

Find the Twitter Video URL

If you already know how to find Twitter Video URL, you can skip this step.

On the web, every website and every page has a URL. You can think URL as a unique place in the web, like your home address or phone number.

This section is divided to multiple sections. You can scroll down to find your device.

How to find URL in Android

Finding URL in Android devices also can be seperated into two different sections. One is Using Twitter App, other is using a Web Browser.

Using Twitter Application

Getting video URL in Twitter application is really easy. Below, you can see the steps for obtaining video URL using Twitter Application.

  1. Open Twitter application Open Twitter
  2. Find a Tweet that contains a video
  3. Click the Share icon Find the Tweet and click share
  4. Click Copy Link button Click copy link button Copied successfully

And, there you have it. Doing these steps will copy the URL of the video into your device's clipboard.

Using a Browser

There is so many browsers in Android. But don't worry, these steps will apply all the different browsers.

  1. Open a browser you like
  2. Go to 'Twitter'
  3. Find the Tweet that contains a video and click it
  4. Click the text in top of the screen and select it
  5. Click Copy button

That's it. If you ever copied a text and sent to your friend or family, this is a child game for you.

How to find URL in iPhone

iPhone = Android + differences. That means steps are basically the same. If you have Twitter application installed, see Using Twitter Application. If you are using a browser such as Safari, see Using a Browser.

How to find URL in Windows

Currently, you are viewing this page in a web browser. And using that browser, you can obtain the URL of the Twitter video you want to download.

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to Twitter
  3. Find the Tweet you want to download
  4. Select the text at the top of the screen and copy

Yes, you did it. You copied the Twitter video URL using a browser.

How to find URL in Mac

If you have Mac, the steps are basically the same as Windows. So you can check Using Windows.

How to find URL in Linux

Dude, if you are using Linux you probably know how to copy a URL.

Download it

After copying the URL, we can start the downloading process.

First step is go to DownloadYouTubeVideo. Use your browser and click this link or go to this website.

After opening the page, you will see an input box and a button.

Steps are pretty straightforward. Click the input and paste the URL you copied. Paste the URL

Then, click Download Now button and wait for a bit. This will not take so long, our systems are just processing the URL you submitted.

Then a panel will appear like below. In that panel you should see the preview of the video you wanted to download. Also in that panel we created some download links for you. Download panel

Those buttons are quality settings for the video. Clicking a button mostly will start the download. But some systems are protecting you and doesn't start the download. Instead, they will open a new page. Started download

If the new page opens after you click a quality setting you wanted don't worry. It is really easy to download from that page. Just click the three dot button on the botton right and click Download button. This will 100% start the download. Click the three dot button Click download button

After downloading you can see the video in your downloads directory. Here are some download directories for different devices:

  • C:/Users/your-user/Downloads/ in Windows
  • ~/Downloads or /Users/your-user/Downloads in Mac
  • Downloads in Android and iPhone.

And that's it. You downloaded a Twitter video. Now you can send this video to someone or open and laugh at it.

Thank you for reading this article and using our service.

Legal disclaimer: Before using this tool, you must own the rights to this video or get permission from the owner.

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