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How to Download YouTube Video

So you found a great YouTube video to share with your friend or family. How can you do this without overcomplicating? Actually this is why we built this website and we want our users to have smooth user experience with our free service.

Currently downloading YouTube videos are possible via YouTube Premium in YouTube. But why pay for a download simple video.

In this article, we will go through some very basic steps to download a YouTube video.

By the way, this article will cover all the possible scenarios while using our service. Whether you use iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. Without further a do, let's start by first step.

Find the YouTube Video URL

If you already know how to find YouTube Video URL, you can skip this step.

Every page on the web has a URL. This url can be found very easily by using browser. In this article we will go through every different operating systems and devices.

How to find URL in Android

In Android devices getting video URL is can be done in two ways. One is using YouTube application and other is using a browser.

Using YouTube Application

Getting video url in YouTube application is fairly easy. Below, you can see the steps must be taken to get URL in YouTube application.

  1. Open YouTube application Open YouTube

  2. Find the video you want to download and open it Find the video

  3. Click share button below the video title Click share button

  4. Click 'Copy link' button Click copy link button

  5. The URL successfully copied to device Successfully copied

And it's done. After you complete all the steps above, the URL should be copied in your device.

Using a Browser

There are so many browsers to use in a Android device. But the steps are always the same in all browsers.

  1. Open a browser you like
  2. Go to 'YouTube'
  3. Find the video you want to download and open it
  4. Click the text in top of the screen and select it
  5. Click 'Copy' button

This is basically text selecting and copying. After you complete these steps, the URL should be copied in your device.

How to find URL in iPhone

iPhone is basically Android with some differences. So steps are basically the same. If you have YouTube application installed, see the Using YouTube Application. If you are using a browser such as Safari to download, see the Using a Browser.

If you want more in-depth tutorial about downloading videos for iPhone, see this tutorial.

How to find URL in Windows

Right now, you are viewing this page in a browser. If you are on computer that's great. Because it is very simple to find URL in Windows.

  1. Open the browser Open browser

  2. Go to YouTube Go to

  3. Find the video you want to download Click the video

  4. Select the text in top of the screen and copy Click copy

This is basically the same for every browser. So you can use any browser you like, it doesn't matter at all.

How to find URL in Mac

If you have Mac, the steps are totally the same as Windows. So you can see How to find URL in Windows.

How to find URL in Linux

If you use Linux, you probably know how to copy a URL. I will not even put the link.

Download it

After copying the URL we can start the downloading process.

First step is going to DownloadYouTubeVideo. Use your browser and go to this url.

After opening the page, you will be greeted with a input box and a button called 'Download Now'.

Click the input that says 'Paste your video link here' and paste the URL you copied in there. Paste the URL

After that, click 'Download Now' button and wait for a bit to let us do the magic.

After some time, you will be greeted with a panel. In that panel you should see the thumbnail of the video and download buttons on the right. Download panel

Those buttons are basically quality settings for video. Clicking a button mostly will start the download. But some systems doesn't do that, instead they open a new browser tab and starts the video. Started download

But don't worry because in that new page, clicking the three dot button on the bottom right of the video and click 'Download' button, that will start the download operation. Click the three dot button Click download button

After downloading you can view the video in your downloads directory. This directory is generally:

  • C:/Users/your-user/Downloads/ in Windows
  • ~/Downloads or /Users/your-user/Downloads/ in Mac
  • Downloads in Android and iPhone.

And that's it. You successfully downloaded a YouTube video in your device. Now you can send this video to your to family group, friend or your lover.

Thank you for reading this article and using our service.

Legal disclaimer: Before using this tool, you must own the rights to this video or get permission from the owner.

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