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Downloading YouTube videos should be easy, right? But it is not. YouTube is evolving constantly and their systems change almost 6-7 times a day. Well, downloading videos from YouTube also changes. To solve this problem, we created DownloadYouTubeVideo.

Using our system, you will always download YouTube videos to your iPhone. The great part of using our system is that our system is full free and it's going to be free forever.

In this article, we will go through some very basic steps to download a YouTube video to iPhone.

Without further a do, let's start by first step.

Find the YouTube Video URL

To download a YouTube video, you should know it's URL. URL is simply the location of that video.

Finding URL in iPhone is really simple too. We will cover two different techniques for finding the URL. First is using YouTube application, second is using your Safari browser.

Finding URL with YouTube Application

Below, you can see the steps for optaining YouTube URL.

  1. Open YouTube application Open YouTube

  2. Find the video you want to download Find the video

  3. Click share button below the video title Click share button

  4. Click 'Copy link' button Click copy link button

  5. The URL successfully copied to device Successfully copied

Completing these 5 steps will copy the URL of the video to your iPhone.

Using Safari

Obtaining URL in Safari is fairly easy too.

  1. Open Safari Open Safari

  2. Go to YouTube Go to YouTube

  3. Find the video you want to download Find the video

  4. Copy the URL at the top of the screen Copy the URL

And that's it. You successfully copied the URL of the video.

Now let's see how to download YouTube video to iPhone.

Downloading YouTube Video

First step is going to DownloadYouTubeVideo. Use Safari and go to this URL. If you are already using Safari while reading this article, you can click the link above and open it in new tab.

After opening the page, there will be a input box that says Paste your video link here and a button that says Download Now.

So, let's do what the inputs says.

Paste your copied URL to the text input. Then click the button. Paste the URL

After 1 or 2 seconds, a panel will appear with the thumbnail of the video and some buttons. Download panel

Those buttons are download options or download qualities. Also this buttons are seperated with some text. Started download

If you want to download only the audio, click one of the buttons under Only Audio section. If you want to download whole video, click the quality you want to download under Video+Audio section.

And that's it. Downloading YouTube video to iPhone is that easy.

Thank you for reading this article and using our service.

Legal disclaimer: Before using this tool, you must own the rights to this video or get permission from the owner.

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